Wiener Elektroniker.

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05:11:01 Wiener Elektroniker.
The scene on the net Viennese art and experimental electronic music has perhaps never been so vibrant and rich as in the latter period. Projects like mego, re-move and vidok (pictured) can give you a rough idea of ​​the excitement that pervades galleries and clubs, teeming with young artists and not looking for original forms of expression-mail. Norbert speaks of this in Pfaffenbichler 'Wiener Elektroniker', a conference organized by the museum Podewil Transmediale festival in Berlin. Pfaffenbichler is part of collective vidok and monoscope, in addition to having curated exhibitions and film festivals and be responsible for the design of the band Sofa Surfers. His task will be to outline the non-linear characteristics of the new and progressive forms of sound and visuals that begin to erode the traditional rhythmic structures and compositions.