What Do You Want To Do With It?.

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07:11:01 What Do You Want To Do With It?.
It was opened yesterday at the ICA in London 'What Do You Want To Do With It?' , a festival of digital arts with several distinguished guests which binds to explore digital applications in their various applications to the arts. From a collaboration with the Aesthetics and Computation Group at MIT born the conference by Ben Fry and presentations of works by John Maeda and his colleagues are different but spectacular events planned. These include a presentation of Digital Stadium, the television program dedicated to digital arts, a concert by Jaron Lanier ('Intimate Worlds') with acoustic instruments and virtual dimensions, the projection of 'Hotel', the new film by Mike Figgis, author of seminal 'Timecode', the narrative of the SMS described and tested by Tim Etchells, a retrospective of Mark Amerika, a dance performance in which Claire Keating, Mariyo Yagi and Mariko Takayasu perform a choreographed unison from their places of residence (London and Tokyo) and then short films shot on digital Jia Zhangke, John Akomfrah and Tsai Ming Liang, DJ sets of 4hero, live kid606 and courses of remixes and web design.