Soul, digital video art by women.

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27.11.01 Soul, digital video art by women.
Inaugurated today at the Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal in Montreal (Canada) Soul , a series of fourteen digital video of as many artists, particularly successful in innovating the poetics of video perspectives distinctly feminine. Particularly interesting: 'Blanc' by Myriam Bessette, that explores the effect of saturation in the communication process and its representations in the media transition; '(…)' Laetitia Bourget, which is the phenomena by which we detect an epidermal of our body independent of our will; 'Frontier' Ellen Fellman, a sort of continuous dialogue and conflict between the form of the film and that of music with its experimental audio / visual; 'Sediment' Jill Nussbaum, in which crystalline forms create a magical scene that is both natural and of another world, 'Timing' of Sharon Paz, who within the fixed plane of un'interno overlaps the sequences of characters that enter and leave the frame in synchronous and asynchronous; ' Sarkany (Dragon) 'Anita Sarosi (pictured), a film that uses experimental techniques to represent a dragon through electrical oscillations;' btd x 'Claudia Westermann, a composition based on the concept of model, which works with the surface and space, playing with percenzione of reality through new perspectives of physical models and complexity.