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13:11:01 dataTransfer.
Since yesterday held all'Archa Theatre in Prague (Czech Republic) dataTransfer , festival of cyber culture, internet, design and performance, dedicated to the Czech scene enriched by several international guests. Good idea to organize a competition for the best banner of the event, on the site of which you can admire the sixteen best works qualified for the final selection. Ben also made the interface of the net art gallery built by Satori showing dynamically titles, authors and current respectively to which they could belong. Among these, fuck-u-fuck-me, Steina and Woody Vasulka, Slashdot (!), Nomad, Motherboard Digital Art, KMFMS (Alternatives to Microsoft), Potatoland, Jodi, experment Interactive Unit and many more. In the digital film selection OneDotZero, 'No Maps for These Territories' a documentary about William Gibson and 'ZOO' the magazine of short films on DVD. Expected finally also a celebration of the opening of microhouse DJ j.frede (USA).