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07:11:01 cwt.
Inaugurated today at the Milan Triennale CWT , an exhibition dedicated to the internet, video games, television and digital cinema, that in four days hosts an extensive program of workshops, conferences and previews on the technical and cultural aspects of these four themes. Neural will be present with Alessandro Ludovico in two conferences. The first is' With digital touch. The Network as an 'open work', Thursday at 10:00 dedicated to creative and artistic network with, among others, Lorenzo Miglioli (writer), Antonio Moro (webdesigner), Mariano Equizzi (Director), John Romano (curator exhibitions), Sebastian Vitale (artist of 8081). The second is entitled 'Digital rights to the test of war. Less freedom than security? ' the risk that the freedom of expression and the right to privacy are severely limited after the events of September 11, with, among others, Stephen overspend Lucia Annunziata, Giuliano Ferrara, Raf Scelsi (Shake), Pekka Himanen (author of 'L' hacker ethic ') and Edward Luttwak.