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02:11:01 ArtSci2001.
It opens today at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York ArtSci2001 , the annual meeting organized by the Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCII), which includes presentations of works of art obtained thanks to the close collaboration between artists and scientists. Among the most interesting installations: 'The Language of Loss', in which Rachel Berwick and Doug Whalen have taught two of the Amazon parrots to speak in a language now extinct in South America, 'Sticky Little Fingers' Michael Rees, sculptures made with prototyping techniques of vertebral column with imaginary bumps or growths flourished improbably, 'The Ephemeral in Focus' Heather Ackroyd, Dan Harvey, Howard Thomas and Helen Ougham, (pictured) photographs obtained by the concentration of chlorophyll sensitive to light as the films, 'Gray Matters: The Brain Movie', Rob Fisher, John Pollock and Roger Dannenberg, a show for planeteari interactively involving the public in some simulations of brain function, 'Ear to the Ground' by Ben Rubin and Mark Hansen, they are used to represent sounds and videos of the myriad conversations taking place on the sites and chatrooms of the internet, 'Thinking of You', Nina Sobell, Sun Qing, John Dubberstein, Per Biorn and Brian Schwartz, in which is found the 'mental energy produced by' seeing 'in person, then that energy can be mutually transmitted and perceived.