Artimage 05.

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12:11:01 Artimage 05.
It ended a few days in Graz (Austria), the fifth ' Artimage, biennial on media and architecture ', a massive event on urban transformations caused by the evolution of media, including art exhibitions and lecture. All this has taken, however, the moves by the two online forum 'Cityscapes: Imagineering the Urban Condition', and 'Cityscapes: Information Processing / Communicating Architecture' who for three months have been the ground of development interventions incorciati with invited speakers (intellectual and theoretical architecture), through a web based materials and designed by the Belgian team Lab [au]. Speakers include many well-known names (Steve Dietz, Monika Fleischmann, Gerfried Stocker), but also many art projects by (among others) Chris Cunningham, Knowbotic Research, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Superflex and Linda Dement. Of note is the selection of the work 'Words' (pictured) made by the Italian Group a12, along with Udo Noll and Peter Scupelli, a dynamic hypertext on the issues of urban development and architecture open to external input and structured with a particular interface levels.