Agreement Vitaminic-Napster.

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06/11/01 Agreement Vitaminic-Napster.
Announced the agreement between Vitaminic spa and Napster for the distribution of 250,000 traces held by the Italian music portal with offices around the world. This is the largest agreement to date by Napster involving about 80,000 artists and that could be a good source of revenue for the two companies and possible royalties for the artists involved, in proportion to their popularity. Among the intentions declared by Andrea Rosi (COO Vitaminic) is also to provide musical content portals, ISPs and telecom operators, trying to penetrate the market of wireless networks. It should be remembered that Hilbers, the new CEO of Napster, said at a conference in Los Angeles that the launch of the new paid version of Napster will not take place before the beginning of next year. Meanwhile, according to research firm Webnoize, are almost 2 billion files exchanged surante October through Kazaa, Grokster and MusicCity. According to the same company quest'impennata exchanges would be the result of the subpoena of the three company by the majors, which would have made them popular in respect of the general public.