World Wide Video Festival.

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10/10/01 World Wide Video Festival.
Inaugurated today in Amsterdam, the 19th edition of the World Wide Video Festival , an international festival of media art. This year have been realized sections dedicated to media in Africa and the Arab world (with particular attention to South Africa, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Syria). On the program: net art works of entropy8zuper! ('Wirefire' in the image), Netochka Nezvanova ('born. 0 +55 +3 d.Modular'), Pat Binder ('Voices of Ravensbrück'), Young-Hae Chang / Marc Voge ('YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES '), a video Nam June Paik (' Analogue Assemblage ', remixes of his first experiments with television) CD-ROM by Thomas Feuerstein (' Biophily '), Norbert Pfaffenbichler (' Notes01 [1:1] '), Moniek Toebosch / Annelys de Vet ('Moniek Toebosch-Archief/Archive 1948-2000'), Sue Williamson ('Can not forget, can not remember'), a performance by Alexei Shulgin, presentations by Jordan Crandall (video projects' Drive 'and' Heatseeking '), Vera Frenkel (his interdisciplinary works' Media, metaphor, memory: addiction to testimony'), the sounds of bio-digital Fatamorgana ('Ekkofisk'), vjing aware of The Light Surgeons ('Electronic Manoeuvres') , the sounds of Kurt displayed Ralske ('UrSonate.02') and an interactive concert of Walter Verdin ('DA SSTM').