Napster, mp3Pro, sales and other stories.

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15:10:01 Napster, mp3Pro, sales and other stories.
– Sales down. According to the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) world music sales on physical media have declined by 5 percent in the first six months of 2001. In detail, the CD sales were down 4.6 percent, those boxes of 16.3 percent. Sales for the individual are down 14.4 percent, and estimates are lower than the European average (-1 per cent) even if you have peaks in England (-10 per cent) and France (-8 percent ). Conversely, the IFPI 'complaint' an increase in sales of CD-R eighty percent. So what?
– According to the research firm Webnoize, the number of files exchanged through MusicCity, Kazaa and Grokster during the month of September increased in total by 56 percent, and, more generally, the Jupiter Media Metrix speaks of growth between March and August, this year by 500 percent in the past data through alternative programs to Napster.
– The 6 percent of the files traded on KaZaA, one of the most successful successors to Napster, it is a virus. Although it is not possible to infect a mp3 files, the system filters the KaZaA allows you to rename a file as pippo.mp3.vbs and when a user searches for 'foo', the. Vbs is not shown, deceiving it.
– has signed an agreement with some independent labels for its online distribution platform Rhapsody. Have joined, among others, Alligator Records, Bar / None Records (DJ Spooky), J-Bird Music Group (Boy George), Lost Cat Records, Bloodshot Records, label and six other children.
– The Bertelsmann has estimated at 100 million dollars the cost to keep them alive between Napster causes, copyrights and various investments.
– has entered into an agreement with Thompson Multimedia to promote the new compression standard mp3PRO in a joint website, which will be part of the same portal