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12:10:01 CTRL [SPACE].
It opens today at the ZKM (Zentrum fuer Kunst und Medientechnologie) in Karlsruhe, Germany, CTRL [SPACE] , an exhibition of works and performance of electronic art on the theme of surveillance, control and invasion of privacy in the digital age. From the 'panopticon' (the prison model, where all the cells can be observed by a central tower, imagined by the English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in early 800), which was incorporated in the seventies by the French philosopher Michael Foucault in his concept of 'disciplinary society', is up to date, coining the term 'dataveillance', ie date surveillance. Among the works on display, the experiments of the first closed-circuit video of Andy Warhol, the ironic science of control of the Bureau of Inverse Technology, the performance of the New York Surveillance Camera Project, and the brutal experiment in Josh Harris' we-live -in-public.com '. The exhibition will run until 24 February 2002.