Activities in New York.

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10.15.01 Activities in New York.
It was inaugurated yesterday at the Postmasters Gallery in New York, the exhibition ' Activities ', which explores the different ways in which the media-artist comtemporanei treat animated sequences as a medium and as a subject, in a historical moment in which the boundary between short films and animations is disappearing. More than thirty artists who have experimented with techniques exposed analog, digital, three-dimensional, ranging from research to commercial products (including Francis Alÿs, Jeremy Blake, Simon Henwood, Alex Ku, Kristin Lucas, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Juan Muñoz and Possible Worlds). A section has been set up with projectors self from Paul Johnson (pictured) that show animations created for the web by Basicray, Natalie Bookchin, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, Mark Daggett, Joshua Davis, Andy Deck, Xeth Feinberg, Alex and Munro Galloway, Jodi, John Klima, Golan Levin and Casey Reas, Sebastian Luetgert, Panajotis Mihalatos, Mouchette, Mark Napier, and Eric Zimmerman +