Telematics Social Vs. Digital Divide.

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27.09.01 Telematics Social Vs. Digital Divide.
Tonight at 21:00 at the Festival of Liberation in Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Nuovavia and Newbrainframes Project in collaboration with Rete Lilliput have Telematics Social Vs. Digital Divide, an evening meeting to address and discuss the problems posed by technological divide the different social situations and to identify possible interventions. Will screen two short films "Survey in three phases on virtual bodies" that traces the stages of the construction of the first man virtual interviews with Antonio Caronia, Pine Corrias and Antonio de Lorenzo and "Zerovolume, experiment for deaf people, but with people deaf to the common public, "Elastic Studio investigation of Turin with video produced by Subsonica (pictured). Followed by speeches of Father Giulio (MI.SNA), Charlotte's Ca 'Zorzi (Tinweb).