Photoshop tennis.

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28.09.01 Photoshop tennis.
Among the recreational activities of the graphic designer on the network there is a new type of interactive game. It's called ' Photoshop Tennis ', and it is a very simple idea. A player sends email to a photoshop document (containing only one level) to another player. Each player adds levels as sending back the document, until the game ends due to time constraints, resignation or consensual agreement. A guest added comments in real time to the match and the 'spectators' can vote to determine the winner. "It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their quality," says its inventor Jim Coudal, who is hosting the game on the site of Coudal Partners, an advertising agency in Chicago, which he founded. The matches are scheduled in time and may last for hours to the delight of the spectators whose retina is stimulated at various times with new creations live. The game after being suspended following the tragedy that struck the U.S., will resume today.