. Art

24.09.01 [DPsNtN].
Displaced person (saying nothing to nobody) is an installation by Christin Lahr, which will be presented this afternoon at 17:30 at Werkstad Las Palmas in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, focused on human communication and the voltage / overlap that occurs between physical and virtual, including the duality of watching and being watched. Inside the room there are 8 amps that emit a multi-voice conversation generated by a computer. When someone enters the room, his presence is detected by sensors and conversations are interrupted abruptly. These provisions are taken or when the customer leaves or stays completely still. From the site you can control six surveillance cameras and change various visual angles to track the movements of visitors. The results of these choices are video projected on a screen outside the room to document the remote interaction, and you can talk to visitors through a 'chatbox' with a speech synthesizer.