Borderhack online exhibition.

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27.09.01 Borderhack online exhibition.
It is available for some days the archive of the Borderhack Attachment Online Exhibition , presented by Fran Ilich on August 26 on the beach in Tijuana near the border between Mexico and the U.S. under the Borderhack2001, the festival on the opening of the border between the two nations. Works / texts / contributions (among others) by Mark Amerika, APSOLUTNO, Patric Catani, Mark Dery, Ricardo Dominguez, EC8OR, Electronic Disturbance Theatre, Alex Galloway, Marina Grzinic, JODI, Klubradio, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Geert Lovink, Pedro Meyer, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky,, Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner, Francesca Da Rimini, Douglas Rushkoff and Cristine Wang.