FBI arrests participant DefCon.

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FBI arrests 18:07:01 participant DefCon.
The day after the close of Def Con (see Def Con 9 ) the FBI arrested Dmitry Sklyarov, the cryptanalyst employee of Elcom, who had explained during the show the fallibility of some methods of copy protection of e-books , including that of PDF theAdobe. The accusation is that of violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act Although it was clear in the fact that its software to remove protection ( Advanced eBook Processor ), was only useful for making a backup copy or to watch the same ebook on other devices owned by the user, he found himself upon a complaint or install. After the sensational case of Edward Felten, a professor at Princeton University censured by the SDMI consortium for his achievements on the fallibility of the same standard (see Free search (the recording industry) ), this is another case of censorship of safety research protection systems, which thanks to the DMCA can dramatically be pursued.