Napster: decline, minors and Denmark.

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07:05:01 Napster decline, minors and Denmark.
The waters of navigation Napster began to be troubled. The license for the software from Gracenote, which scavenge similar names has cost $ 750,000 and has caused, among other factors, a decline of users in April by 41 percent compared to February, or other figures, the average of downloaded files Each user has dropped from 220 at the beginning of March to the current 37. And despite the RIAA Hilary Rosen has fanfaronato that according to her, "Napster, emotionally, is already closed", the Minister of Culture of Denmark, Elsebeth Nielsen, said that his government is preparing a law to allow the private use of digital copies of any piece of music, sending upside down the whole policy of terror music industry. And the alternatives continue flocking, as well as encouraging studies. Aimster, Napster-like software that is based on the AOL messaging, first used the sixteen year old daughter of the owner (pictured) to reinforce its image in the market and then counter-sued the RIAA, which in turn, had sent a letter of formal notice. A report of PC Pitstop also indicates that they are very strong growth in installations of mIRC as an alternative to Napster, with a strong increase well AudioGalaxy, BearShare, LimeWire and WinMX. Another study (this time the 'Pew Internet and American Life Project'), reports that currently the main use of the web is to download music files, with an estimated six million daily users among which there are just kids, but even thirty percent of adults consulted.