Open Audio License.

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30.04.01 Open Audio License.
The EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), by Robin Gross, an attorney of his staff, has published a new type of public music license: the Open Audio License . This allows anyone to copy, share, network, play songs or adapt freely, in exchange only for the precise specification of the credits of the artist, for his gift to humanity. The works subject to this license shall be marked with a '(O)' by the author and their exchange will be completely legal by any means (physical and intangible). This type of approach has yielded so much to bands like the Grateful Dead, who owe much of their success to the encouragement towards the fans to copy and share their music. According to the lawyer, "this License founded a new agreement between artist and audience, providing much more freedom to the public to make musical experiences and encouraging artists to find new creative business models away from percentage to copy supported so far.