Napster: the comedy continues.

According to some legal experts, after the ruling yesterday could be established mega fine against Napster, similar to that imposed long ago at Figures are assumed as $ 100,000 in damages for each CD copied, which would Fanning (pictured) and company into bankruptcy. An estimate of Webnoize talk about 3 billion songs traffic in the month of January. Another possibility would be required to report to the labels the presence of their songs, which could in turn ask the blocking of offending users. Even Rob Glaser of Real Networks claiming victory "There is a great demand for paid content. 150,000 subscribers to our service The Golden Pass Real Player prove it." And while Microsoft also takes the field with its system of protection included in the upcoming Windows (we would have to laugh given the previous security company), Jim Cady president of Rio, producer of its mp3 player, hides its head in the sand: "According to a recent survey, only 10 percent of our users are using Napster." As for the U.S. Congress, all are able to hide behind the defense of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, only useless act that fails to keep up with technical developments of the network. Yet Peter Gabriel representing the Artists Against Piracy says you need a 'fair compensation' for each track, otherwise the failure of many artists. But the 58 million Napster users who do they think? According to messages on the chat there are only two obvious and natural concerns: exploiting the channel as long as you can and soon find another program + protocol to exchange the songs in a different way.