Neural 40, The Generative Unexpected


Numero #40, autunno 2011 ISSN: 2037-108X

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Centerfold: ‘And All the Questionmarks Started to Sing’, by Verdensteatret.


  • Frederik de Wilde
  • Mark Fell
  • Pe Lang
  • Timothy Didymus
  • Marius Watz
  • Mitchell Whitelaw
  • Lia
  • Martin Fuchs and Peter Bichsel


  • Academic Discourse and Text Generators


  • FILE PAI 2011, São Paulo
  • ISEA 2011 Istanbul


  • People Staring at Computers
  • Solar Sinter
  • Antidatamining BOT
  • Poser
  • Occupy George
  • Sounding Juggling Balls
  • Sound Tossing
  • TinyRiot
  • Urban Audio
  • L.S.D./Sonic Graffiti
  • Quantum Parallelograph
  • Finger-nose
  • Glitch Reality II
  • Electronic Instant Camera


  • R. Klanten, M. Hubner, A. Bieber/Art & Agenda, Political Art and Activism
  • Leah Lievrouw/ Alternative and Activist New Media
  • Mirko Tobias Schäfer/Bastard Culture!, Institute Historian T. F. Peterson/Nightwork
  • edited by J. Grenzfurthner, G. Friesinger, D. Fabry/Of Intercourse and Intracourse
  • edited by Mario Côté and Brigitte Kerhervé/Archives Sonores
  • Joanna Demers/Listening through the Noise
  • edited by Luís Costa & Rui Costa/Three Years in Nodar
  • edited by Song-Ming Ang, Kim Cascone/The Book of Guilty Pleasures
  • Paul D. Miller/Book of Ice
  • ed. by Thomas Bartscherer, Roderick Coover/Switching Codes
  • Kate Mondloch/Screens, Viewing Media Installation Art
  • Stephen Jones/Synthetics
  • ed. by Margit Rosen/A Little-Known Story about a Movement…
  • ed. by Jill Scott/Artists-in-Labs: Networking in the Margins

CD Reviews

  • Ernst Karel
  • Cm Von Hausswolff
  • Alexander Rishaug
  • VV. AA./Table For Six: All Quiet? #3
  • Mark Templeton
  • Martin Tétreault + Le Quatuor De Tourne-Disques
  • Merzbow + Balazs Pandi
  • Novi_sad
  • Ostravská banda
  • Sven Kacirek
  • Guillaume Laidain
  • VV. AA./Myths & Masks Of Karol Szymanowski
  • Burkhard Friedrich
  • Marcus Fjellström
  • Martin Neukom
  • Miguel Prado
  • mpld
  • Paul Baran
  • Philip Corner
  • Mimosa|Moize