Dalam Debu dan Abu (Within the Dust and Ashes), sonifying terra preta bacteria


Indonesian artist Abshar Platisza has created a series of works revolving around Biochar, an organically produced charcoal used to bind CO2 in the soil. In his installation Dalam Debu dan Abu (Within the Dust and Ashes), he made biochar from discarded teak wood from house renovation or eviction to extract terra preta, a rich type of dark soil. In the installation, he tracks the movement of bacteria in the terra preta and consequently drops a drop of water into the soil while a system of voltage and humidity sensors feeds a sonification that also produces pitches of light. Platisza’s work resurrects discarded organic wood through new vegetal life forms that sprout from their own ashes.


Abshar Platisza – Dalam Debu dan Abu (Within the Dust and Ashes)