VideoSculpture XX (The World’s 6th Sense), warm spy machines


How do we acknowledge the presence of screens in the 21st century? There are so many everywhere that any rectangle, no matter how large, emitting a variety of lights and colours is instantly recognised as a screen. It is more complicated to recognise the screens in VideoSculpture XX (The World’s 6th Sense), an installation by Emmanuel Van der Auwera. He uses six LCD screens that seem to be empty all the time and emit pure white light. But if you look at them through the polarising philtres provided, you can make out their contents: Footage of the Las Vegas Strip, stripped of its colours and captured with thermal imaging cameras. The shapes recorded are detailed and look like surveillance images. In fact, the footage was used to market this technology to military contractors, resulting in an abstract aesthetic of a spy machine.


Emmanuel Van der Auwera – VideoSculpture XX (The World’s 6th Sense)