Doors of Listening, vibrations about refugees


Doors of Listening is a situated work developed by Félix Blume in the Klankenbos forest in Belgium, which also houses an entire open-air sound art museum. It consists of a series of doors donated by some villagers, and if you put your ear to them, you can hear songs, stories, memories, voices and dreams of people on the run. The material that literally vibrates inside the doors was collected from Refugee Shelter Red Cross-Overpelt and is then housed in the natural environment of the forest. The work feels familiar, critical and sculptural, and the content metaphorically allows the audience to open these doors to access the real voices of people who have been displaced. The natural space then becomes the place where their voices gather from their respective spaces and echo with new meanings in the minds of the audience.


Félix Blume – Doors of Listening