Organscape, orchestrating mechanical nature


Organscape by Xoan Xil is an installation formed by “Organismo I”, an ensemble of delicate kinetic machines designed to emulate the repertoire of natural world sounds, with four short corresponding pieces for organ (Organscape I – IV), obtained from the conversion of field recordings from different locations. Commissioned by the festival De Lugares e Órganos, the work embeds accurate simulation and mechanics in a setting that resembles the different elements we recognise as forming part of a small ‘orchestra’. In particular, the small machines equipped with bellows, pulleys and acoustic mechanisms, correspond to what the artist calls a “mechanical ornithology”, in a musical system of simulation. The displaced soundscape changes through different calibrated movements, with the initiated air blows diffusing the reproduced sounds.


Xoan Xill – Organismo I / Organscape {teaser #2}


Xoan Xill – Organismo I / Organscape {teaser #4}