VV.AA. – Resolution: Issue No. 0: The Pixel


Onomatopee Projects, ISBN-13: 978-9493148192, English, 96 pages, 2020, The Netherlands

Already attentive to the formidable impact of digital images, Onomatopee publishes the inaugural issue of the new Resolution annual magazine, which programmatically “tackles images in relation to their online circulation”. Chief editor Laurens Otto admits in the opening editorial that capturing these images in the printed medium is an “implausible attempt”, but then argues that they want to press ESC and exit “fullscreen mode”. The magazine addresses the pixel as the core topic, and articulates its different formats, including graphic, ranging from pages printed in silver to classic b&w, to full colour. This ambitious, but freely independent experiment seems to cohere nicely. The content ranges from essays, to accounts on devices, to a quite unique ‘debate’ on digital photography between William J. Mitchell and Lev Manovich, brilliantly sampling and sequencing two respective essays. There is also a section for artists’ contributions in collaboration with KASK in Ghent, featuring technical and conceptual works. Finally, the image editor Jochem van Laarhoven directly intervenes in the whole iconography, looking at the differences in the image reproductions with enlightening results. A culturally advanced magazine for the 2020s.