Ground Noise, playing the historical floor


Our fauna of digital devices is not only made of screens, but also of various kinds of sensors, which are scanning and digitising the reality in multiple concurrent ways. Julien Clauss’ “Ground Noise” is a situated media work. He has built a few rotating machines which are scanning the floor of the “Instants Chavirés” exhibition space. The machines are equipped with laser distance sensors, each of them with a diameter of 3 meters. They read the contours of the slab (made in concrete) of the pavement, ‘playing it’ like a spacial vinyl player. The sonification process allows then to understand the place and its history through what has been ‘inscripted’ over time on the floor. It is a subtle mapping and rendering process, which is extracting from a specific space its characterising ‘datasets’, playing them like a record.


Julien Clauss – Ground Noise