links for 2009-3-1

  • Art.Media.Design | Writing Intersections offers a two day conference space to explore and theorize the theoretical and applied consequences of this text|artefact intersection
  • An interactive social experiment, March 9 2009 in Nove Mesto
  • Let’s say you find a site inaccessible…normally, you might call or e-mail your friends and ask them if they’re experiencing the same thing. With Herdict Web, you can see – in real time – if others are reporting the same phenomenon, giving you a better sense of potential reasons of why the site is inaccessible
    (tags: hacktivism net)
  • Eyebeam’s MIXER series is dedicated to showcasing leading artists in the fields of live video and audio performance, interactivity and participatory practice.
  • The creature had crawled into his £360 old laptop through an air vent and wrapped itself around the internal fan, leading to a total breakdown
    (tags: hacking media)