Neural 28 extra, Mediaterrae vol.1, Irpinia Electronic Landscape

Mediaterrae vol.1

‘Madonna di Montevergine’, audio + video: Rechenzentrum
‘Tutte le anomalie del tempo verranno regolate’, audio: Marco Messina, video: Riccardo Arena
‘Stich der Tarantel’, audio: Burnt Friedman, video: Anders Weberg & Robert Willim
‘Stabbene’, audio: Deadbeat, video: Gianluca Abbate & Mauro Staci
‘Irpinia, I dream of you, audio: Populous, video: Alex Dragulescu
‘Tarantorr’, audio:, video: Jeffers Egan
‘Carapella’, audio: Zavoloka, video: Bianco-Valente

Eighteen electronic musicians and video artists confronting with the traditions and suggestions of Irpinia, in a project of visual documentation of the cultural and environmental heritage of the whole region. A deep immersion in the cultural landscape of Irpinia, a region located in the deep heart of the Italian south and inhabited by abstract and unlimited landscapes, steeples, towers, narrow and silent streets, profoundly marked by architectural and urban mutations after the earthquake in 1980, place of a slow historic metabolism almost solemn in its own ancestral rituals, such as the carnival of the small village of Montemarano. During the phases of documentation and for the collection and production of audiovisual material or for the consultation of iconographical and literal references, the involved artists have been deeply immersed in the life of the small community of Irpinia. The result is the production of seven audio/video tracks, seven different perception of a territory and its popular and folkloristic heritage, where the elaboration of images and sounds becomes a cultural reshuffle beyond the usual urban dimension of electronic art, in the manipulation of ethnic and landscape suggestion, in a game of recalling their meanings, their origins. Besides these several tracks, the dvd contains a documentary (35 minutes) shot during the whole period of the artist residency.