Andrey Kiritchenko ‎– Overt


CD – Spekk

The third album by Andrey Kiritchenko on Spekk immediately engages the listener thanks to its grace, attention to details and little harmonies full of acoustics treatments and orchestral characters. “I let the music be the weathervane of my personality, free from cliché, monosyllables and literalness.” The artist discloses the secret of his new formula. Despite the abstraction, the absence of emotions, the chaos and the minimalism leading the weaves, sometimes the winning factor remains open to any occurrence, freeing the sounds from rigid structures and giving space to a more honest and emotional approach. Overt is mainly made of sensitive phrasing, but with the obvious presence of electronics, mixed with some impulses typical of contemporary classic music. This production is very different from Kiritchenko’s last ones, a rigorous experimenter and the founder of Nexsound Records. In the past the musician has always alternated sudden changes, moving from rock to electronics, from indie-pop to electroacoustics, from free-improvisation to techno. Moreover, the Ukrainian master is the current director of the international festival Next Sound for advanced music and the digital arts. This manifold disposition creates some engaging hybrids: it’s hard to collocate these tracks, made by different elements such as old-fashioned consonances, chamber knowledge and eclectic counterpoints. The transgression of some rules has almost moved Kiritchenko to a more aware and fluid state of knowledge, a sort of reverse process that is productive and bright, with an authentic musical imagination built on episodes but at the same time made with cohesive and communicative structures. Nothing seems left to chance: the entire project resounds with a reassuring complexity that shows a serene narration, with a mix of rhythms and melodies, repetitions and breaks. All the sound elements engage the listener in a complicit and immediate way. With a sound palette so broad, the work is open to different states of soul, with various tones and an unusual charm.


Andrey Kiritchenko – OVERT (Album Preview)