ℌEXOℜℭℑSMOS – Desesperanza


SD Card – RecursosRenovables

We open a strange package, made with scraps of comic books and wrapped in a yellow plastic tape. It’s the tape commonly used for building construction or in case of car accident, and all over it we find repeated the word PRECAUTION. Inside we find an SD Card. The card, as well as the inside part of the comics, is somehow altered, with black tape overlaps and other stickers printed on a yellow background. We feel a little bit worried, but in the end we download the SD Card contents on our computer and finally the first file we open is the leeme_Readme. It is soon clear that this edition belongs to some underground sub-culture. After seeing some slogans such as “muerte al PRI!” (death to PRI), “muerte al neoliberal!” (death to neoliberals) and “muerte al capital!” (death to capital) in evidence, we realize we have found a special and cryptic production. The release comes from Mexico City and was made by the artists Luis Alonso Sánchez, author of the packaging intervention, who could also be defined a post-graffitist, and Moisés Horta aka Hexorcismos project creator and author of the contents. Their Hexorcismos Desesperanza, released by the label RecursosRenovables is an unusual activist art product. The musical compositions in the original package are only two, “Represión” and “Ecocidio”. The first track is characterized by an experimental and rough electronics and filled with field recordings of many voices. Overall, the appeal is very rhythmic, rough and synthetic. The second track is more street-style, hymn-like and anti-capitalist than the former one, produced in simul-bass and with VRTX vocals. Despite having the same artwork, every copy is different and the edition in total is limited to only 25 pieces. This is an authorial techno-anarchism which re-mixes the topics of contemporary art and music. The exorcism has to be enjoyable in all the versions to be considered successful. So, there is another folder, Empaque, where we find all the artwork images of all the other copies. In another folder, #RenunciaEPN, there are the audio files of the square demonstrations in 2016. We can find videos and images of the fights and riots against the police. It’s a proof of the class conflict in Mexico in 2016. This conflict had some peaks and some reasons, if we think to the bloody fights, whose protagonists were teachers.


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