Sonar 2005.

Sonar 2005

Also this year the serratissima three days of electronic music and digital art in Barcelona takes place in the usual weekend overflowing with proposals, June 16 to 18. The Sonar 2005 , in fact, does not change in the structure than in previous years, keeping the compartments so far congealed. The festival in part reflects the changes that occur in the ever-effervescent electronic scene. Thus we note the presence of a group mashup (the '2 Many Dj's'), and a great attention to developments visual, especially in their live implementation, surpassing the boundaries of VJing in the strict sense. Symbolic therefore the presence of Casey Reas, who in addition to illustrate Processing , the multiplatform programming language for multimedia use, which he created and developed, will perform in the visual of different live acts. Under the heading 'audiovisual concerts', then, there are also Spanish-tedesci FUSS! with 'AMBIENTADOR', the Smgwaw + Dregs with a simulation of a postmodern hell set at Abu Ghraib, the Mikomikona with 'Fourier-Tanzformation I + II' with moire pattern reinterpreted as acoustic events, the Cineplexx & Abe with the documentary 'The Synchronised Dance of the Magnetic Peanuts', Slub Vs Nebogeo with their vjing carried out through computer code programmed live, Laurent Garnier Cinemix with 'Inventory Before Disappearance', a mix of images provided from the Albert Kahn museum collections in ten twenty years of last century for the ambitious project 'Archives of the Planet', the My Robot Friend , Skoltz_Kolgen with 'FLüUX :/ TERMINAL' exploitative dramatic impact sterofonici in combination with the visual parts and Rei Harakami & Shiro Takatani with 'Lust'. In the section Sonarama, however, devoted to the overlap between sound art and new media, we find 'Mass Of Voice', Golan Levin / Zachary Lieberman – Jaap Blonk Y Joan La Barbara, already presented at Ars Electronica 2003 , Radio Astronomy of Radioqualia, projects RIXC , Marcel.lí Antunez, some members of the group TOPLAP ( Adrian Ward , Alex Mclean and Dave Griffiths), the Robot Software Garbage In / Garbage Out, Eugenio Tisselli and South African rand ()% Joe Gilmore and Tom Betts. SonarMática year is then entitled 'Randonnée', and is dedicated to the abstraction of the concept of landscape in the twenty-first century with a rich digital video and review of websites including: 'Echo Days' of Scanner and Katarina Matiasek, 'Bessenbahn' of Dietmar Offenhuber , 'Suburbs Of The Void' by Thomas Köner , 'Epple' of Röyksopp , ' Newsmap 'Marcos Weskamp,' RND # 04 'by Richard Fenwick' Sometimes' by Kid 606 / Pleix , ' Life: A User's Manual ' Michelle Teran, ' GPS Drawing 'by Jeremy Wood and Hugh Pryor,' FlickrGraph 'Marcos Weskamp, ​​and' Baby Name Wizard Voyager 'of Martin and Laura Wattenberg. Among the top names, finally, engaged in concerts and DJ sets are: Miss Kittin , Luke Vibert , Jeff Mills , Le Tigre , The Soft Pink Truth and Goodiepal .