A Hacker Manifesto

McKenzie Wark

Harvard University Press, ISBN 0674015436 The prospect of hackers as a social class is undoubtedly fascinating. Think, in fact, to the global community that has a common denominator pragmatism in handling everyday social practices and technology through abstraction, sometimes brilliant, with a radical libertarian utopia upstream, makes you feel together all those who have chosen to ban the his life will lethal coupled consumerism / conformism. On the other hand it is considered that the condition of the precarious intellectual workers dell'infosfera (the 'cognitariat', as defined by Bifo), of which many hackers are part of, is fragmented into a thousand circles of contact and partitioned Daily Times that make it difficult the creation of a collective consciousness. That's why the 'call' ideological and enlarged contained in this text is divided into 389 short and sometimes fulminant paragraphs, streamlines themes through illuminating flare-ups aiming to simplify the theory in a manner intelligible. While subtending the classic structure of a 'manifesto', then, Marxist theories are here applied to infrastructures with scientific and clarity. This involves, among other things, the rejection of the commodification of the data, the abstraction of production flows of immaterial goods, the rethinking of the mechanisms of power inherent in the productive structures of knowledge, criticism of vocational training as ideological enslavement, and various other thoughts of the social networks. The relevance and potential hackers properly understood (those who believe in the discovery, in the creation of an idea and freedom of expression) is increasing at a delicate moment in history, namely the transition to a civilization mainly based on information and data . The text can then be able to pick another and unleash further necessary cohesion and awareness. And this can be essential because accumunati a social condition, a shared imagination and, above all, an enthusiasm that leads to collective exciting products, the hackers are and remain one of the concrete hopes for change.