Rasterbator, rastering for large spaces.


24.03.04 Rasterbator, rastering for large spaces.

The rastering technique, that is, the rendering of a black and white image using dots, has been widely used in the past for achieving photographic rendering on low resolution media, such as the newspapers until a decade ago. But the possibilities of this technique are many more, for they allow the visualization of large images printed with a normal printer. Rasterbator is a server-side application which can make exactly this kind of conversion, outputting big rasterized images from small input files. These images can then be printed on many sheets of paper and reassembled on a big enough surface. The site helps the user to choose the image, which can be downloaded from the web or uploaded from the user’s PC, and outputs the result in PDF format. The possibilities of urban action through careful use of a software like this are endless, especially if considering the myriads of adhesive intrusions archived by StickerNation. The hope is that these initiatives of reappropriation of the public spaces, such as Paintbait – Public Space Reclamation Project, will be able to obtain concrete results.