3 X-Media conference, communication design in Florence.

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12:04:02 X-3 Media conference, communication design in Florence.
It was inaugurated on 11 April in Florence the third X-Media conference , an international conference on design of communication, entitled Digital Medina, to draw inspiration from the center dela Arab city as a place of symbolic exchange, interaction and spirituality, size sometimes forget in ' current climate productive. Among the conference program: 'Knowledge Vs Information: dialogue between the goods and the creation of value' with, among others, Arthur Kroker, author of the historical essay Data Trash, 'Identity and global consciousness: shapes and ethics to a new design ', with Derrick De Kerchove and' Cinderella in fairy-land: contents and digital baroque ', with the designer Niko Stumpo. Also present were the designers of China weworkforthem.com Mike, John Warwicker of Tomato Design Group and semiotician Omar Calabrese.